How Much Does a BNWAS Cost?

The answer to this question varies depending on the size and layout of your bridge, the type of BNWAS you require and also who your vessels are approved by.

Cheapest Route to BNWAS Compliance

With legislation like the changes to SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 19 making BNWAS compulsory, there is no way of avoiding the additional cost involved with compliance. Instead, many companies will be looking to minimise the financial burden it causes by looking for a system that provides the minimum features required to comply with the rules.

The minimum requirement needed to comply with these rules is to have a system that comprises of: 

1 x control panel;
1 x reset push button;
1 x bridge sounder;
1 x level 2 sounder;
1 x level 3 sounder

This cheapest compliance route is also accepted by Lloyd's Register who differ from the other Classification Societies in their requirements for compliance with SOLAS V/19. Whereas other Societies accept the use of passive infra red (PIR) motion sensors, LR have interpreted the BNWAS rules slightly differently and insist that a method of manual reset is required.

Other BNWAS Compliance Options

Although the single manual reset option is the cheapest way of compliance, a BNWAS that incorporates the use of PIRs may be a preferable option for many vessels.

The additional cost involved in purchasing a PIR based system is relatively small, especially when balanced out against the fact that a PIR based system does not disrupt the crew's duties in the way that a manual reset device does. In a study conducted after Danish flagged vessels introduced BNWAS in 2003, it was found that bridge staff were less stressed when a PIR system was used rather than a manual push button type system.

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